Between research and commercialization lie the critical stages of development and demonstration: the points at which technologies leave the laboratory and undergo conclusive real-world testing.  Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) supports clean-technology projects through these critical stages – without taking an equity stake, without requiring ownership of intellectual property or any repayment of funds.

SDTC’s SD Tech Fund invests in late-stage development and pre-commercial demonstration of clean technologies by Canadian companies and they are accepting Statements of Interest until April 21st.

The Statement of Interest (SOI) is an initial application used for preliminary screening and is subject to a competitive review process by SDTC and a panel of independent experts. SOIs are evaluated on the basis of fit with SDTC’s mandate, selection criteria, and the quality of technology, marketing and business capabilities. A limited set of applicants who demonstrate the strongest fit will be invited back to submit a full proposal for deeper evaluation.

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