LightIntegra Technology

First Prize
LightIntegra Technology Inc. is developing a technology to save the lives of cancer, heart surgery and bleeding patients through fast access to platelet and microparticle profiles in blood. LightIntegra’s ThromboLUX, developed by a Canadian Blood Services scientist, uses dynamic light-scattering technology to test the platelets prior to using them in blood transfusions to prevent and stop bleeding. LightIntegra’s technology measures the entire spectrum of particles in blood plasma that tells the story of the donor’s health or the quality of platelet or plasma products for transfusion.


Second Prize and BC Hydro Sustainability Award Winner
Etalim’s new solar-power technology inexpensively converts the sun’s heat into emission-free electricity. This new technology uniquely combines thermodynamics, high-amplitude acoustics, mechanical resonance and material science to generate electricity not only from the sun, but from any heat source. An Etalim power plant can capture the sunlight falling on an area of land the size of a football field to power 500 homes without creating any CO2 emissions. Etalim was founded and incorporated in March 2006. Former Creo CEO Amos Michelson is Etalim’s Chairman and experienced tech entrepreneur Ron Klopfer was CEO in June 2009.

Lungpacer Medical

Third Prize
A new therapeutic device from Lungpacer Medical Inc. addresses five significant issues associated with the mechanical ventilation of critically ill patients. Conceived and developed by SFU professor Andy Hoffer, intravenously placed Lungpacer electrodes rhythmically activate the diaphragm. Pacing prevents diaphragm muscle-disuse atrophy, resulting in faster patient recovery, a shorter stay in intensive care, lower hospitalization costs and greater patient access to scarce mechanical ventilators during flu pandemics. Lungpacer Medical Inc. was founded in May 2009 and is Hoffer’s third SFU spin-off company.

G.R. Green Building Products

BC Innovation Council Economic Impact Award
GR Green Building Materials Inc. is ready to produce North America’s first ‘green’ roofing and siding materials made from naturally abundant limestone and recycled plastic bottles and bags. The Burnaby based company manufactures look-alike cedar and slate roofing tiles don’t crack when nailed, are fire-proof, impact-resistant and cost a fraction of the real thing.

By ensuring nothing is wasted and considering the impact of a product’s life cycle on the environment and people’s lives, GR Green goes beyond sustainability, to environmental responsibility in manufacturing. GR Green’s cedar and slate products are non-toxic, carbon positive and 100% recyclable, after 50 years of use.

Bluekey Energy

BC BioEnergy Network Award
Bluekey Energy Inc. is the first in the world to produce biodiesel fuel from a non-food product. Instead of using corn, wheat or sugar cane to produce biodiesel fuel, Bluekey’s process converts a pulp mill waste called soap into synthetic crude oil. The globally patented technology promises to rejuvenate the sunset pulp mill industry by improving waste management and introducing a new revenue stream.

SOLEGEAR completes R&D and begins commercialization