SST Wireless took second prize in the 2004 New Ventures BC competition for a tire-pressure monitoring system for passenger cars.

Since then, the company has gone on to design and manufacture advanced tire-pressure monitoring systems for large industrial fleets such as mining haul trucks and transit and commercial vehicles. Company president Graham Schnare says his system’s  durability and precise measurement capabilities have proven a good fit for this market segment.

“We can design specialized applications that generate significant financial benefits for the user,” he says, noting that the systems now also deliver data directly into central customer-fleet management systems.

According to Kal Tire Ltd., SST’s joint venture partner since 2007, an SST system at a single mine can produce between $5-10 million in annual savings.

“Systems for much larger transit fleets can provide more extensive benefits,” says Schnare.  “What’s more, SST transit systems can reduce greenhouse gases by about two tons per vehicle per year, enough to make a significant environmental difference even in a city the size of New York, with its 3,000- bus fleet.”

In addition to its customers in North America, SST has developed clients in Sweden, Chile and Australia.

SST is based in Vernon BC, and also has an engineering facility in Delta BC.

Schnare anticipates that sales will double in 2010 and redouble in 2011.  SST shares are currently closely held by a small group of private investors, but the company tentatively plans an IPO in 2011 if market conditions permit.

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