Singular Software Catches Eye of Video Editors

Singular Software finished in the top 10 in the 2008 NVBC competition and then began selling its digital video-editing product to video editors. Called PluralEyes, it’s a plug-in for existing video-editing programs. It overcomes the difficulty of synchronizing multi-camera shots and audio clips of the same event, turning these arduous and time-consuming edits into a quick task.

The company has since launched three more similar products, including DualEyes, which won a Mario award for ‘most promising technology’ from TV Technology magazine in April 2010. PluralEyes also won the DV Magazine ’Best of Show’ award and was placed in the EventDV ‘Winners Circle’ for the NAB Show 2010.

Founder and CEO Bruce Sharpe says sales have grown rapidly since he began selling the first product online in May 2009. He has since hired six employees and expects to add more this year.

The company remains self-financed and is already profitable. “Everyone who uses the product loves it,” says Sharpe. This year he plans to capture far more of the approximately seven million prospects worldwide who use editing software compatible with his plug-ins.

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