BC Hydro First Prize Winner

pastwin_2006_RFindRfind Systems
Locating assets in manufacturing and warehousing environments will be much easier with RFind’s patent-pending, active radio frequency identification (RFID) system. Using radio waves to locate assets (work-in-progress, capital assets and finished goods), RFind features a web interface that lets users view their assets’ location on a work station or handheld. “If you know what you need, you simply enter it into the system and it will display a map of your facility with the search item highlighted,” explains RFind’s CEO Sharon Barnes. “When you go to the area where the item is located, you can tell the system to light up the item’s RFID tag so that you can see exactly where it is.” She says the system improves the flow of shop floor information and drives operational efficiencies.

Second prize Winner

pastwin_2006_ConcreteVueConcrete Vue (Terraprobe)
This technology detects and measures corrosion in rebar and other structural elements embedded in concrete. Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, ConcreteVue uses high frequency radio waves to ‘see through’ concrete without leaving a physical trace. ConcreteVUE technology is based on a proprietary algorithm that extracts and processes amplitude information from GPR signals. Engineers can use it to determine the location and extent of corrosion and de-lamination, allowing accurate and timely detection and repair of structural deterioration.

Third Prize Winner

pastwin_2006_JMLBiopharmJML Biopharm
Earlier detection of cancers, cardiovascular diseases and brain disorders should soon be possible with JML Biopharm’s new imaging agents. They are developing innovative diagnostic kits that will enable detection of certain cancers and other diseases when they are at an early stage. These kits can also facilitate new drug development.

Sustainability Winner
pastwin_2006_EnergyAwareEnergy Aware
Consumers can instantly see their electricity consumption and its hourly cost with the PowerTab, a wireless device that monitors and displays real-time, household electricity use. Turn on the dishwasher and watch the PowerTab’s read-out jump several cents per hour. It also keeps a running tab of total electricity consumption. “Studies show that real-time feedback can reduce electricity consumption by 20 percent,” says Lauren Kulokas, Energy Aware’s vice-president of business development. “This brings sustainability into the home.”

2007 Competition Winners