Squamish’s Echoflex Solutions offers unique solutions for today’s retrofit and energy conservation challenges by allowing building owners, managers, and tenants an option to retrofit incrementally with wireless and self-powered switches and sensors.

Using EnOcean technology (a spin-off of Siemens AG), Echoflex switches and sensors reduce energy consumption for lighting, HVAC and process control. EnOcean, the inventor of self-powered radio modems, couples micro power generators with ultra-low power radio modules. EnOcean modules operate inside self-powered wireless sensors and switches.

Retrofit projects with the quickest payback can be addressed first and further upgrades can be done as easily as the original installation because each space thinks for itself. Change of plans? Echoflex’s switches and sensors are easily moved if the use of the space changes. The technology is also interoperable with building automation systems providing wireless extensions through interfaces and gateways. successful applications for Echoflex technology range from family homes to cubicle farms.

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