MovieSet, New Ventures BC competitor in 2006, continues to gain momenteum and financing. The idea behind MovieSet is to provide a platform to share movie content and information with fans throughout the production process. Combining news, pictures, and videos, movie producers can use MovieSet to engage viewers before a film is complete. Content is availible through the web or on mobile devices. In this video, watch MovieSet’s CEO Colleen Nystedt explain the service – “Like taking those behind the scenes extras that you get on a DVD, and putting them on the web.”

MovieSet has received fair recognition, including Backbone Magazine’s 2008 PICK20 list of Canadian Web 2.0 companies, RocketBuilders’ 2008 Emerging Rockets list, as a finalist in the 2007 Canadian New Media Awards, and on the 2008 OnHollywood 100 Top Private Companies list. They sent two employees to the Cannes Film Festival to promote the service, and posted pictures back to their Facebook page.

Earlier this summer, they closed an A-round of financing worth $5 Millon, with contributions from Rho Capital and the BC Discovery Fund. With a declining movie industry turning to the Internet to increase their exposure, MovieSet is primed to establish itself as a go-to property for movie fan engagement.

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