Medimap connects patients with same-day access to care.

Their website,, lets patients look up wait times at over 50% of the walk-in medical clinics across Canada and join the clinic’s wait list remotely to spend less time in the waiting room.

It started in a waiting room

Many people dread having to visit a walk-in clinic due to the uncertainty around availability and wait times. To avoid walk-in clinics, people often contact the emergency department unnecessarily, or they will just stay home and do not receive the care they need. Co-founders Blake Adam and Jonathan Clark recognized this problem after experiencing the frustration themselves, and thought there must be a simple solution. “We created Medimap to make it easy for people who don’t have a family doctor to get the care they need and find same-day service without having to resort to the emergency department,” says Blake.

Company overview

For patients across Canada who need to see a doctor on the same day, Medimap is a wait time management and online booking solution that helps patients avoid the misery of the clinic waiting room. Unlike alternatives such as phoning individual nearby clinics, or traveling from clinic to clinic with no guarantee that you will see a doctor, the medimap website enables users to compare availability at over 50% of the walk-in clinics across Canada. Patients also have the option of putting their name on the waitlist through the online tool, reserving a place in line before arriving to the clinic.

Snapshot of the Medimap platform on a desktop

Key accomplishments

The team has enjoyed initial success upon launching their platform, with media spots on various news outlets across Canada creating a buzz. The platform is in use in many major cities across Canada, including Victoria, Whiterock, Winnipeg and Saskatoon to name a few.

Medimap co-founder Blake Adams is particularly proud of the number of people the team has helped get access to the care they need, reporting over 2 million people have used the website.

Challenges and opportunities

While the team has seen initial success, it certainly didn’t come without its challenges. Blake says it was challenging to get the initial few clinics on board. Without having many users on the platform at first, it took time to convince clinics of the value the service offers. These days, the team has a number of clinics and patients actively using the tool.

Reason for competing

The team looks forward to the possibility of winning the NVBC competition with the hopes of gaining the credibility and recognition that comes along with a win.

Five-year outlook

In five years, the team aims for Medimap to be known across the globe as the go-to online resource for same-day day access to healthcare.

Medimap Team:

Blake Adam | CEO and Co-Founder: Blake Adam graduated from the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business and worked in commercial banking before starting Medimap with his business partner, Jonathan Clark. In 2017 he was named as BC Business’ 30 Under 30.

Jonathan Clark | Co-Founder:Jonathan is a seasoned software engineering manager with a history working in the internet industry. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia.


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