Ziva Dynamics has recently landed large-scale projects, putting their character simulation technology onto the big screen.

Ziva Dynamics, our 2015 2nd place winner, is showcasing features of their technology in Sony Pictures Imageworks‘ films, including the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters, and Suicide Squad.


Their character simulation software was used to create Slimer, a ghost made of ectoplasm, a form of ‘ghost slime’ in the Ghostbusters world.

Ziva Dynamics also wrote software used to help animate Enchantress, a supervillain in the the fantasy crime film, Suicide Squad.

Founded in anatomy and physics, Ziva’s technology allows character to behave in a realistic and physically correct manner. The company aims to fulfill the increasing demand for higher fidelity characters in film, games, virtual reality.

In addition, Ziva is evolving human computer interaction throughout various industries, such as for fashion design and surgery simulation.


Learn more about how Ziva used their technology to create Slimer on their blog below.

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