Ionomr manufactures and custom chemical engineers anion-exchange membranes. These are thin films in the middle of many established and emergent technologies used in water treatment, water purification, grid-level energy storage, clean-tech energy generation, and more.

Ionomr’s materials perform at a higher level and are both chemically and physically more durable than competitors in the market, thereby unlocking improved conditions for devices. They are a drop-in alternative to existing materials, and can be produced at a cost that would allow for mass adoption.

Uniquely adaptable

Due to the unique property of their membrane, Ionomr can make one product that is very quickly adaptable to any application after all the major production steps. This allows them to lower production costs and to better work with and improve their partners’ technologies.


Alkaline anion-exchange fuel cells

Ionomr’s membranes combine a high-strength material with all-pH stability and high ion-exchange performance. For alkaline applications, it is an enabling technology, allowing for significantly under-explored technologies to become cost-effective solutions.

As a result, a large company from Israel is working with Ionomr to commercialize their membranes for alkaline anion-exchange fuel cells, the most rigorous use of the membranes possible—one for which no commercial standard yet exists.

Looking to the future, Ionomr is developing an entire family of materials protected by multiple broad, blocking patents by the world-leading researcher on several fronts of membrane and electrochemical device technology.

Ionomr’s team

Ionomr started to form in 2015, when VP of Research Dr. Steve Holdcroft developed and up scaled a world-leading anion-exchange membrane through a National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) grant.

CEO Ben Britton worked to prove its viability then joined the Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology Commercialization program at Simon Fraser University. In November 2015, Ionomr continued to move forward, winning the SFU Venture Prize and Hong Kong – Canada Business Association Venture Prize in June. The company formally incorporated in July.


VP Research, Dr. Steven Holdcroft is an internationally renowned polymer and electrochemist, SFU Chemistry Chair, former MEA project leader at NRC-IFCI

CEO Ben Britton is part of the first cohort of SFU GCSTC (Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology Commercialization), with broad, record-setting fuel cell and alkaline device experience as PhD candidate in the Holdcroft Group.

ResearchGate profile

CTO Dr. Tim Peckham is former membrane project director, Ballard Advanced materials, former Research Officer NRC-IFCI, senior research associate in the Holdcroft Group who has contributed vastly to making our AEMs into commercially viable materials.

CHRO / Acting CFO Dr. Titichai Navessin is a local entrepreneur and consultant with an MBA in entrepreneurship from UBC after an electrochemistry PhD from the Holdcroft Group; former Research Officer at the NRC-IFCI.

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Ionomr is based in Burnaby (Lab) and Vancouver (SFU Venture Connection). ||

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