CuePath Innovation’s smart, disposable medication packaging and mobile platform enables families and caregivers to remotely track medication intake of elderly patients throughout the day.

Many seniors find it challenging to keep up with their medication schedules, yet missing a timed dose can lead to immediate, serious health consequences.

Family members and other caregivers often check in on seniors to ensure they stay on track. However, if a caregiver is unable to physically visit an elderly person throughout the day, it becomes difficult to know for sure if the proper medication schedule has been followed.

Remotely tracking medication intake

CuePath Innovation has developed a smart, disposable medication packaging and mobile platform. It enables families and caregivers to remotely track medication intake of elderly patients throughout the day, via a mobile device.

The company’s technology helps reduce the physical burden of caring on caregivers, allowing them to focus on precious moments and conversations that contribute to a senior’s emotional well-being.

Unlike other solutions on the market, the system does not require special training for users or manual medication refilling by caregivers, and integrates well into a pharmacy’s existing workflow.

Bringing the CuePath to market

CuePath™ has successfully raised funding, selected strategic partners and is currently working with participating pharmacies and care facilities on bringing the product to market.

The company is a member at VentureLabs and Wavefront Accelerators, the BC Technology Association, and is supported by the National Research Council.

CuePath Team

CuePath is a multi-faceted team of passionate pharmacists, caregivers, engineers and entrepreneurs that create connectivity solutions for families, care professionals and health providers. CuePath aims to become the leader in providing electronic solutions to facilitate caregiving through fast and efficient service, intuitive technology and high-quality products.

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