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Finalist AdHack Makes Top Web 2.0 List

New Ventures BC Finalist Adhack has been named one of the top 10 Canadian Web 2.0 Companies to Watch by IDC Canada. Companies were judged on vision, partnership opportunity, sustainability and growth, and strategy. 

“To succeed in the long term, companies will need to transition from providing ‘cool’ Web-based solutions that users want to try, to ‘critical’ tools they need to have… Adhack has the potential to offer unique, affordable advertising through its community of creators to big brands and advertisers, including media companies that see AdHack as an on-demand outsourced service they can use to facilitate services requested by their customers (advertisers)” said Krista Collins, Analyst, Canadian ICT Innovation Export at IDC Canada.

AdHack’s James Sherrett was a runner up in the recent Fundfindr Pitchies Warmup competition, clearly those pitch skills have impressed the folks at IDC as well. I remember watching Sherrett’s pitch at the first DemoCamp Vancouver over a year ago and being impressed by the novelty and potential of the idea. At the same time, the implementation of the concept has evolved since that early pitch.

You can give pre-release AdHack a try at the Adhack beta site. (Note that to use the site, you may have to turn off any ad blocking software =)

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