Current New Ventures BC finalist DreamBank has had their web app in beta for just a short time, but today has sent out the emails announcing they are launching

Their tagline is “Give dreams, not gifts”, suggesting that contributing funds for peoples’ dreams is preferable to gift giving. DreamBank allows users to create a “dream” and they’ll handle accepting money for it. Dream progress is tracked on their site, with donors credited. The site uses PayPal for funds transfer, but have arranged their own fee structure. Cashing in your “dream” is subject to a 2.5% fee.

To promote their launch, DreamBank has done some social media outreach to local bloggers, giving $20 “dream certificates” to Miss604 Rebecca Bollwitt and Beth Snow, among others. Further, they are holding a “Win Your Dream” contest to fulfill 5 dreams of $1500, randomly selected from the first 5000 dreams submitted. There are still a ways from 5000 dreams on the site, so there’s still time to get yours on. Perhaps your dream is “fund my company”?

Congratulations DreamBank and good luck on your launch.

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