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$3.4M in wage subsidies disbursed

Over the past three years, the Innovator Skills Initiative Grant Program has helped to provide 897 student job placements across BC, awarding $3.4M in wage subsidies to startups.

This program has helped students to gain critical skills, training and job experience, all while helping companies in BC advance in their businesses.

Some fast stats

Over half of the students placed were hired on permanently:

  • 57% of students were hired on after their placement
  • Of those students not hired, 93% of companies intended to hire if a suitable position became available
  • 21% of all grants were placed outside of the Lower Mainland

Program satisfaction of 96-97%

  • 97% Company satisfaction for the program (rating 7/10+)
  • 96% Student satisfaction for the program (rating 7/10+)

Student skill development

Almost all students acquired new skills through the program

  •  97% of student participants acquired entrepreneurial skills
  •  99% of student participants acquired industry skills
  •  98% of student participants felt they would receive future job opportunities due to the grant
  • 60% of student participants indicated that they’d like to start their own company in the future
  • 95% of student participants plan to stay in BC, post graduation

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15M of funding available

Applications now open

Applications for funding are now open. Please apply for grants through Innovate BC.

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Thank you to Innovate BC and the Province of BC for funding the Innovate BC Innovator Skills Initiative Program.

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