The Discovery Foundation Sales Accelerator program just wrapped- a combination of online webinars and weekly, one to one coaching sessions. We caught up with Avneet Takhar, Digital Community Manager at Locelle, to learn about her experience in the program.

You’re the Digital Community Manager at Locelle — What did you want to get out of the online digital marketing webinars?

My degree was in marketing, but I still wanted to learn from Rochelle’s high level of expertise in digital marketing. She has such experience–years and years of knowledge, that really resonated with me. I focused on attending her webinars.

What did you learn in the program?

Rochelle helped me look at things differently, psychologically — from a fresh perspective. I was able to learn a few tools and dip in further.

As a marketer, you try to make things exciting, but you forget sometimes that while it might be exciting and fun for you, clients may not have the same reaction. It helped to look at things from a 3rd person point of view and tap into that.

It helped to take myself outside of the role of knowing the company so well. I spent time thinking in a high level situation, as if I was a customer, on their customer journey, rather than as my role as a marketer.

What skills or processes have you applied to your business?

I’ve applied it to ad strategizing, especially with LinkedIn–I learned to use the platform in a way that isn’t as expensive as it normally is. I applied some learnings to the way we collect and track our metrics as well.

Would you recommend the program to others? Why?

I definitely would recommend it. If anyone has the opportunity to do it, I would suggest it. An hour of your time is not a lot for how much you’re learning, and you can always watch the recordings at another time.

I’m such a fan of Rochelle–she’s amazing, and she has great energy, especially at the end of the work day. She’s so cheerful and warm on zoom and makes the learning exciting.

It’s fast paced, but you can soak it in at the same time, because of the great examples she gives. She’s so knowledgeable, uplifting, and open to answer questions as she can!

How would you describe Rochelle in 3 words?

Vibrant, colourful, and energetic.

Get on the waitlist

The Discovery Foundation Sales Accelerator Program is now closed, but if you’re interested in joining in the future, join our waitlist for our next intake. You can also check out Rochelle and Peter’s sales and marketing webinars on our Youtube channel.

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