RightMetric is a subscription-based insights company that helps marketing strategists find what’s already working across the digital landscape by giving them access to data-backed research, expert best practices, and proven playbooks; all delivered in an easily searchable and quickly consumable format.

RightMetric solves a big problem for B2C marketers: Change. The unknown.

For example:

  • “iOS 14 completely changed digital advertising” What’s working now?
  • “I’m helping a client in a new industry” What’s working for the top brands?
  • “I want to grow my TikTok following, but it’s a new platform” What’s working?
  • “I’m launching a new business” What’s the marketing playbook that will win?

Profitability despite the pandemic

Having operated for just over 3 years, RightMetric already has several million in revenue and a growing list of blue chip clients, including: Lululemon, Red Bull, and Interac. With remarkable early traction and success, they are now shifting their focus towards growth.

2020/21 saw the startup achieve cash-flow positivity and profitability – no small feat during the tumult of last year. Weathering the pandemic taught the team about discipline, resiliency, and caring for the people around them; especially the team itself.

A focus on growth

RightMetric’s Digital Research and Product teams have compiled data-backed research, now available for free via their podcast, email newsletter, and free Insight Library; all of which can be accessed on the RightMetric site.

“Since we’re going into growth mode, increased brand awareness is a priority for us and being part of this competition is a great chance to be seen by a broader audience.

Beyond that, the Competition’s prizes are substantial, and any additional fuel we can throw on the fire—whether it be cash or in-kind services from great partners—will be a welcome addition to our growth plan.” – Evan Knight, COO and Co-Founder


Right Metric’s Digital Research and Product teams have built an incredible resource for marketing strategists. While its taken thousands of iterations and several years to get it to the point where it’s become an essential tool for their users, their focus now is sharing this incredible resource with the marketing world. They’re doing this by publishing as much of their data-backed research as possible for free via their podcast, email newsletter, and free Insight Library; all of which can be accessed on the Right Metric site.

People First  

RightMetric’s biggest lessons this year have been around people. Reflecting on the year, COOand Co-Founder Evan Knight states: “Realizing that you can only build a great business with a great team around you, and learning to do that is a new skill set for most people entering entrepreneurship. A core purpose of any business should be treating people with respect and human dignity under any and every circumstance. Lifting people up. We believe that business people—and especially business owners—should be leading the charge for progress when it comes to higher wages, more time off, and safety of every kind in the workplace.”

About the founders


Charlie Grinnell | CEO & Co-Founder

    • Education:
      • Award of Achievement, Digital Analytics, University of British Columbia
      • Certificate, Digital Communications, Simon Fraser University
      • Certificate, Advanced Social Media Strategy, Syracuse University

    Fun Fact: Charlie’s journey to the world of marketing started in video production within the action sports industry. He spent his time chasing famous ski, snowboard, surf and mountain bike athletes around the world documenting their general tomfoolery and athletic pursuits.


Evan Knight | COO & Co-founder

  • Education: Bcomm, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, University of Calgary
  • Fun Fact: Evan worked quite a few odd jobs before becoming a tech entrepreneur. His first real gig was hand making natural fibre mattresses in Calgary, Alberta. All before the mattress biz was ‘cool’ and mattress companies like Casper and Endy were considered startups.










Cheat Sheet:

  • City: North Vancouver
  • Founding date: March 2018
  • Type of tech: Marketing Technology (Martech)



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