Kelowna-based Uncoil utilizes machine learning and AI to surface actionable insights so help eCommerce store owners can make data-driven decisions and grow their business faster.

Getting started

There are many passionate eCommerce store owners with great products, but only a few seem to succeed in reaching their customers and scaling their business. This is largely due to a lack of skills and experience in online advertising. Uncoil’s purpose is to democratize eCommerce entrepreneurial success by serving up actionable insights from advertising and purchasing data to help entrepreneurs grow their business faster. Uncoil currently ingests data from Facebook ads and Shopify to surface actionable insights and recommendations that help eCommerce store owners make better decisions that support faster business growth.

The Uncoil team was a spinout from the 2017 Fastest Growing Startup, Strawhouse. The entire engineering team from Strawhouse came together to make up Uncoil Inc. The team is working to transition the platform to offer an external Saas product that helps eCommerce store owners grow and scale their businesses faster.

Key accomplishments

The Uncoil team is committed to the collective purpose of developing an amazing product that helps eCommerce store owners grow and scale their businesses. The team recently launched their VIP beta in July 2018.

Challenges and opportunities

A key challenge in getting momentum going was converting the solution from an internal tool into an external, customer facing product. The team continues to work on refining the product to resonate with Uncoil’s target market.

Reason for competing

Winning the NVBC competition will help Uncoil accelerate its growth and product development. The team greatly values the feedback and connections that NVBC provides, and would look forward working through the learning process with a supportive community.

Five-year outlook

Uncoil will be further advancing eCommerce growth through automation, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Uncoil Team

Jason KryskiJason Kryski, CEO

Jason is a serial entrepreneur whose most recent endeavour is founding Uncoil Inc. He is known for co-founding Strawhouse, the world’s first Venture Growth Agency. Jason found a passion for business and entrepreneurship early, never desiring to work for someone else long-term. While learning direct sales he discovered a love for human psychology, which led him down a path towards sales training and recruiting.

Mike WilliamsMike Williams, COO

Mike has over a decade of experience in digital marketing and growing companies from startups to making millions in revenue. He focuses on building effective strategies to help teams scale and grow companies.

Ryan CampbellRyan Campbell, VP Engineering

Ryan has spent over 20 years in the web/software development industry. He’s designed the web architecture for very large enterprise-grade applications. Companies he’s worked with include AT&T, BlackBerry, Cisco, Energy Transfer, FedEx, HP, and Raymond James.




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