If you haven’t heard, this year, we turned our annual business education series into two full-day conferences: the Startup Sprint. On Day 2, we had the pleasure of welcoming Samantha Ming from Events Podcast, a show that summaries Vancouver’s best tech and business talks.

Whether you weren’t able to make it, or attended and want a refresher, if you don’t have time to watch a recorded version of each speaker’s seminar, you can tune into the Events Podcast for some key takeaways!

Events Podcast, Episode 10: Sales for Startups

Speaker: Christene Best, Infobip, Director of North American Sales


  • What makes a good salesperson
  • Why is it important for you startup business to stay focus on your sales effort
  • How do you break through the noise and get that meeting
  • How do you ask the right questions using SPIN selling
  • How do you deal with objections

If you enjoyed this, stay up to date with Events Podcast for more of Vancouver’s business and startups events.

Resource: Sales for Startups Full Seminar
Seminar slides: Sales for Startups | Day 1 | Day 2

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