Congratulations to HeadCheck Health, who has secured a seed round of financing! The round is led by Kyle and Eric Wellwood, followed by other Angel investors in Vancouver.

HeadCheck Health is a BC company that has created a reliable and objective sideline concussion testing and management app for sports teams. The app is backed by evidence-based science, and uses gold-standard tests that assess concussion indicators such as symptoms, balance and cognitive function.

The Wellwood brothers are both National Hockey League (NHL) alumni, with Kyle being a former Vancouver Canuck. Having played hockey professionally, HeadCheck Health is looking forward to the expertise and insight that they can bring to the company.

“They are passionate about concussion resources, and understand the magnitude of what we aim to achieve at HeadCheck,” said Harrison Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of HeadCheck Health.

HeadCheck Health participated in our 2016 BCIC-New Ventures Competition, and was named a Top 25 venture of 160 who originally entered the competition.

To learn more about the investment, visit HeadCheck Health’s website below. The Vancouver Sun also wrote a nice article about the app and the Wellwood’s brothers connection to brain wellness.


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