Spare Rides is a mobile carpooling platform that connects drivers and passengers with similar routes and interests. It’s the first mobile-enabled carpooling service where you join a trip with only one tap. They accomplish this with a unique guaranteed-trip structure. This is carpooling for the 21st century.

The transportation industry is rapidly changing. Today, most people (85%) choose to drive in single-occupancy vehicles. However, it’s expected that in the next 25 years, non-driving / car-sharing commuters will grow from 14.2% to over 50%. Spare Rides expects to capitalize on this trend by providing an efficient, easy way to intelligently connect carpoolers.

By using the Spare Rides app, passengers get a faster and more comfortable transportation experience at rates competitive with public transit, and drivers receive payment to help offset the costs of owning their vehicle.

The revenue model of Spare Rides is very simple – they take a cut from every ride.

Intelligently matching users

The user matching technology carefully brings users together based on several factors, including previous rides, interests, common connections, and age group. As the platform grows, this technology will be key in creating highly valuable connections—giving users an incentive to consistently use Spare Rides as their transportation solution.

Spare Rides was founded in May 2015 by Kirstoffer Vik Hansen, Josh Andrews, and Alexey Indeev, shortly after they completed their studies at University of British Columbia. Since September 2015 they were part of The Next Big Thing accelerator.

The team is passionate about creating a better future of transportation, by enabling connections between people in every city. They’re excited to be a part of the new wave of mobility solutions.

Spare Rides team

Spare Rides Team

Kristoffer was named Top 24 Under 24 in Vancouver for growing a highly skilled engineering student team that won multiple international competitions. He also spearheaded a world record attempt in autonomous ocean crossing.

Josh is an award-winning, passionate creator, who has been started building calculator games on a TI-83 in grade 8. He has also built a full home automation system called Jarvis. He previously worked at Mobiata, developing Expedia’s award-winning mobile apps.

Alexy believes in creating meaningful connections. Before Spare Rides, he worked with the AppNeta R&D team, developing new ways to effectively monitor network communications. His first website was a fan page for his favourite computer game, at age 10.

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