neartuit enables its customers to tell their stories in an innovative way. The product is geared towards exhibit and museum curators who want to increase visitor engagement and consists of two components: a cloud-based content management system, and mobile apps for Android and iPhone. The content management system allows curators to easily create and publish content, while the mobile apps tell the story to their visitors as they move through the exhibits. Unlike static didactics or prerecorded tours, neartuit uses a proximity-based technology called iBeacons to automatically display fresh, personalized content directly on visitor-owned smartphones, letting them create their own experience by choosing their own path at their own pace. The potential for growth is huge, as there are currently over 2 billion museum visits to over 55,000 museums around the world every year, with the industry actively seeking a way to increase visitor engagement and measure the results. CEO and Co-Founder Judy Hamilton envision neartuit as being the go-to app for anyone wanting to look up “what to do today based on where they are and what they like.”

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