David Raffa has published the fourth in a series of blogs on launching, growing and ultimately selling a technology company, with a corporate finance focus.

His blog will cover:

-Cap structures
-Equity plans
-Corporate partnering
-Board matters
-Achieving a successful exit

David is setting out to provide “real, tangible, practical advice on these topics including mistakes to avoid.”

Check out his fourth blog post, here: http://www.davidraffa.com/blog/where-should-you-incorporate-your-tech-company/

David practiced corporate finance law for 20 years representing numerous BC-based technology companies before retiring to co-found a venture capital fund where he was a partner and portfolio manager for ten years. He now provides corporate finance/M&A advice to a portfolio of early stage companies with a view to growing them to the point where they are ready to exit, and then leading that process.

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