We are pleased to announce that 2014 NVBC competitor WTFast has been selected as one of the two winning teams at Subculture Vancouver.  They will be heading to Banff to compete in Interzone, in March.

Interzone is exploring “the blurring lines between disruptive startup subculture, enterprise technology and government”. WTFast will be one of six emerging technology companies to pitch to Steve Wozniak, Robert Herjavek, Bruce Croxon and others at the Subculture finale.

WTFast is helping online gamers by eliminating game lag. Through software that clients install and a global network of private servers, WTFast has optimized game connections to interact more fluidly. Traditionally, large servers have controlled how data flows down to consumers.

WTFast technology gives users control of how their internet data moves, improving the strength and quality of their connection. Over the last four years, WTFast has grown to encompass 1.6 million registered users in over 100 countries around the globe. Overall, their system is involved with over 1.5 million game sessions a month.

Congratulations, WTFast!


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