Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.38.47 AMNanaimo’s is a Top 10 company in this year’s BCIC-New Ventures Business Competition. co-founder Shawn Adrian recently shared that he learned pitching to 13 investors at the same time on his blog (not surprisingly, a blog post written in Dropbox and publishing automatically using

I purchased two Macbook adapters, brought three cords, backed up my presentation to USB, and made sure to bring a WIFI hotspot on my phone for my big pitch on Friday morning. This was it, after 6 months of writing business plans and cash-flow projects, this was the final pitch in BC’s annual New Ventures competition.

Heart pounding while thirteen local technocrats conversed with one another, patient while I plugged in, hooked up, and prepared to start rambling, err, pitching. It would be my first 15 minute presentation. My longest before had been only 5.

Aside from the racing pulse that caused my lungs to tighten to a strangling squeeze, I started off strong. I wanted to tug on heartstrings, make a personal connection. This is my story, this business is the culmination of my life’s experience and visions for the future.

If anybody can tell me how to speak with passion when you’re being strangled by nerves, I’m all ears.

Read the rest of Shawn’s blog post here.


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