Interesting in learning more about crowdfunding? Be sure to check out an upcoming MeetUp on June 19th.

Crowdfunding Reinvents the Old Stock Exchange – How Do You Profit From It? wants to educate entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, government, professionals, customers, and media on the hot topic.

If you are an entrepreneur, your options to finance your venture from start-up to exit have expanded – crowdfunding by pre-sales/rewards, equity, or debt, through successive growth stages to final exit by IPO or M&A. The platform provides the tool to test market your products. Predictive analytics acquire business intelligence – what, why, when your customers will buy.

If you are an investor (accredited, non-accredited, institutional, private equity, venture capital), crowdfunding introduces a new asset class from various sectors at different life stages.

Panel Speakers include angel investor Mike Volker. Register online to attend.

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