donbelljostle2010 Top 10 Finisher Jostle has appointed Don Bell as chairman of its board.

Bell is a cofounder of WestJet and has been an investor of and director in Jostle since 2009.

“Jostle has a powerful ability to help leaders create vibrant organizations where employees are aligned, engaged, and can easily find the help they need to get their job done,” says Bell. “It’s been very exciting to see Jostle’s platform help companies stay connected and reinforce their culture, as they deal with rapid growth and worldwide operations. It’s time to accelerate this unique and powerful approach into the marketplace, so I’m excited to work with the team to take Jostle to new heights.”

“Don has shared our vision, been a key advisor, and served as a dedicated director,” noted Jostle CEO Brad Palmer. “It is clear that as chairman he will bring huge value as we navigate our own rapid growth.”

Jostle’s People Engagement platform is an intranet that helps organizations drive their culture and enable their employees.

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