SemiosBIOLate last week 2012 Top 10 competitor SemiosBIO was featured in the Vancouver Sun in an article titled Wireless connections open new era for pest control.

SemiosBIO CEO Michael Gilbert (pictured) is using wireless communication to change the way the world grows fruit and nuts.

The company is combining chemistry, computer software and wireless networks to disrupt breeding of common agricultural pests such as codling moths – the bugs that cause worms to grow in apples.

If they’re successful – and early indications are very positive – Canada could show the world how to build a ‘smart’ farm that automates pest control methods which haven’t changed a lot since Sumerians dusted with crops with sulphur in Mesopotamia around 4500 BC.

Congrats to SemiosBIO on the great feature in the Vancouver Sun. Read the complete article here.

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