Good news for BC Tech Entrepreneurs. BCIC has expanded their Access BC program and it’s better than ever.

The Access BC Program enables BC technology entrepreneurs to participate in and attend key programs, conferences and events that take place outside of their region. The purpose of the program is to provide BC entrepreneurs with access to relevant key learning and growth opportunities, typically beyond reach, benefiting the company right here in BC.

Through a contribution toward travel and related expenses, Access BC helps to level the playing field for BC entrepreneurs by making it possible to access these valuable opportunities throughout BC, Canada and abroad.

How does it work?

Access BC makes it possible for BC entrepreneurs engaged in BCIC programs to:

  1. participate in programs, workshops and suitable learning opportunities outside of their regions in BC;
  2. attend local, national and international conferences, tradeshows and events that will directly benefit the company’s growth, success and operation in BC

through a financial contribution intended to help offset the costs of travel.

Who can apply?

Entrepreneurs actively engaged with BCIC’s Partners (see complete list here) are eligible to apply for Access BC. Preference will be given to participants in BCIC programs such as the BCIC Acceleration Network (Venture Acceleration Program and BCIC Mentor Program), BCIC’s entrepreneurship@ programs, current and past competitors in the BCIC-New Ventures Competition, etc. However, entrepreneurs actively engaged in relevant programs or services provided by their local science and technology council are encouraged to apply.

Eligible Events

Eligible events may include seminars, workshops, programs, conferences, etc and must provide the entrepreneur with valuable learning and networking opportunities. Applicants must demonstrate how attending the event will directly benefit the company’s growth, success and continued operation in BC. Eligible events may take place in BC, but outside of the entrepreneur’s region, outside BC but inside Canada, or internationally (in the US).

How do I apply?

Entrepreneurs eligible for funding through Access BC must submit a completed Access BC Application Form to an affiliated BCIC regional or program partner a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event’s start date. Contact your BCIC partner for an Access BC Application Form. The BCIC regional or program partner will review the application and make a referral to BCIC. BCIC will make the final decision on the eligible applicants.

Applicants must clearly articulate the direct benefit participation in the program, event or conference will bring to their company and British Columbia’s technology sector and how they intend to use the takeaways in their path to commercialization success in BC.

Once approved, up to 75% of eligible expenses will be provided by Access BC (may include travel, accommodation, meals and event registration. (Refer to your BCIC regional or program partner for Expense Claim Guidelines), capped at:
up to $500 for travel within BC; up to $500 per day for travel outside of BC (US and Canada), up to a maximum of $1500 (3 days of travel).

Refer to the BCIC website for full terms and conditions.

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