BCIC-New Ventures’ 25 round-three competitorshave been hard at work on their Round 3 business overviews which were submitted on August 8th.

Competition judges will announce the 10 finalists on September 4th but in the meantime let’s have a closer look at the Top 25.

PayrollHero.com offers a consumer-friendly time, attendance, scheduling and payroll solution in the cloud for web and mobile.

It uses employees’ faces as its primary biometric to avoid “buddy punching” (employees clocking in for others) and “ghost employees” (employees receiving a paycheque that do not actually work at a company). These clock-in photos are further given a mood rating to establish an array of business intelligence, allowing your company to make comparisons between productivity and mood.

Currently focused on the Southeast Asian market, they have beta clients in Canada, USA, Philippines and Cambodia and have expansion plans for ASEAN Member States. 

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