On Tuesday, June 26th the GreenTech Exchange returns to Vancouver with Integrating Solutions for Energy Efficient Homes – The Home Area Network presented by Ted Singh, the co-founder of Embedded Automation.

Home is where people live and it is a key battle ground for energy conservation. Experts in the energy domain have indicated repeatedly on the importance of energy conservation in balancing supply and demand of power and energy consumption in the coming years. Finding new sources of renewable energy is much needed and the efforts are continuing. Having the renewables by itself on the supply side is necessary but not sufficient. This must be augmented by a corresponding and concerting effort to reduce and better manage the demand side. There are technologies and solutions in the marketplace for deployment in the home. From a consumer perspective, it is more efficient to have these solutions integrated together in a systematic way in the form of a home network.

Singh will provide insights and current trends in this area. This GreenTech Exchange event takes place on June 26th at SFU Harbour Centre in Room 1400-1410 at 5:30pm. Register online for free.

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