2011 Round 2 Competitor MyBestHelper picked up first place at Startup Weekend Vancouver 2011 on Sunday and will now be competing for a spot in the 2011 Global Startup Battle.

MyBestHelper is an online utility helping families find caregivers for kids and elderly that match their needs as well as values – the eHarmony for nannies. It solves the pain of finding a caregiver, and even better, helps find the RIGHT caregiver. One of MyBestHelper’s co-founders is Alexandra T. Greenhill. A physician and a mother of three, Greenhill has experienced the challenges first hand: “Finding the right caregiver for your child, is such a relief! Leaving it to luck or word of mouth is what we did in the past – it’s time to harness technology to create short-lists one can start from.”

The global battle is an international competition for the winners of the city events, which also included Halifax and Toronto in Canada. Enough votes will earn a city winner the chance to fly to Silicon Valley for a Launch Conference.

MyBestHelper won in front of a panel of judges including in front of a panel of judges including BC Angel Investor of the Year Boris Wertz, Brent Holliday of Capital West Partners, and Mike Satterfield of Yaletown Venture Partners.

Head over to the 2011 Global Startup Battle site to vote for MyBestHelper now.

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