The following blog post was written by Alice Lam and was published earlier this month on BCIC’s blog as part of a series profiling BCIC-NewVentures Competition: Regional Top 20 Finalists.

Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions has become a primary focus for countries around the world.

BCIC-New Ventures Competition: Regional finalist Hydra Cat Performance Systems Inc. has developed is a durable, water resistant hybrid generator that can reduce those emissions. The generator uses electrolysis to burn diesel or gasoline cleanly and efficiently, resulting in less pollution, more power and better mileage.

“As a new company developing a new product, you often develop tunnel vision,” says Marlene Dinsmore, director/business manager for Hydra Cat. “The BCIC-New Ventures Competition: Regional has really opened our eyes to the path we need to follow.

“Thanks to feedback from the panel and mentors, we are looking at new avenues to market our product and for partners to help us get us to the next level. We look forward to the next and final round of the competition.”

Congratulations to Hydra Cat Performance Systems Inc, we wish you the best of luck in the last round of competition. Winners of the BCIC-New Ventures Competition: Regional will be announced on February 24, 2011, check back for the results.

Marlene and Dan Dinsmore of Hydra Cat Performance Systems
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