The winners of the 2010 New Ventures BC Competition were highlighted this week in the Vancouver Sun on the front page of the business section.‘s Douglas Beech, Arash Afrooze, and Terry Beech were interviewed by the Sun’s Scott Simpson at the company’s office space at Discovery Technical Park on Burnaby Mountain, just downhill from Simon Fraser University. was just a glimmer of an idea 17 months ago when chief executive officer Terry Beech was struck by the notion that a business opportunity was emerging for a company that could find a way to connect small and medium businesses via the Web to a global network of graphic designers. Especially if they could find a way to make it inexpensive and fast.

He convinced twin brother Doug Beech and friend Arash Afrooze to shape the concept into a viable enterprise and this year, began looking for financial support to carry it forward.

They’ve put in a lot of hours but so far there haven’t been any bumps in the road.

After winning $100,000 in cash plus $23,000 worth of in-kind legal, accounting and business services, is on top of the world. The ride doesn’t stop here though.

They will be featured on a forthcoming episode of CBC’s Dragon’s Den show on startup businesses.

Photograph by: Ward Perrin, PNG

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