Ian Bell has been busy. In addition to guiding startup Tingle.com to Round 3 of this year’s New Ventures BC Competition, he has been working on a super secret side project that promotes Vancouver as a world-class technology center.

Bell has been quietly producing a film along with a team of digital designers from Vancouver Film School. The goal of the film is to serve as a centrepiece in promoting our city by highlighting some of the incredible technology companies that have flowered here and generated worldwide impact.

And now Bell needs your help.

As part of this film we’ll be representing the density of companies on an animated map… and that’s where you come in.  We’d like to use your logo and plot your company’s location on that map along with your peers.  This is an excellent way for you to promote your company to a worldwide business and investment audience, and to show your support for your peers and this community.  We are looking not only for companies founded and/or based in the Vancouver Area, but also development centres for global companies.

To be included in Bell’s project fill out this form now to submit your logo.

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