New Venture BC’s 25 round-three competitors have completed their business overviews and are now waiting to hear who will advance to round 4.

NVBC judges will announce the 10 finalists on August 31st but in the meantime we’ll have a closer look at the Top 25. Over the next five days we’ll look at five of the final 25 business ideas in contention each day.

Antic Wireless is tackling the rapidly increasing problem of interference in wireless networks with a new series of interference-canceling wireless antennas.  Its system of multiple antenna elements combined with adaptive digital-signal processing electronics dramatically reduces interference and extends the networks’ range, reliability and capacity.

The CarrotLines iPhone application from PortaLife Solutions Inc. takes the guesswork out of grocery shopping. Simply scan the barcode on your product selection and CarrotLines will tell you about its nutritional content and allergens or whether it’s a suitable vegan, kosher, organic or local food choice.

Catalyst Software has a better way for nurses in residential care facilities to ensure they’re accurately administering medication to residents. Catalyst’s web-based medication safety and workflow software links the pharmacy and residential care facility. When nurses scan a bar code on medication packages, the patient’s profile and photo pop up on a computer screen for verification. The system also streamlines complex monthly reporting for medication-administration records.

echoecho mobile ltd. has developed a simple, privacy-oriented location-sharing application for smart phones that lets users quickly map the whereabouts of friends and colleagues — if they’re willing to share. Users simply send an echo with a single click and the other party can then respond with a single click that shares their location.

New server software from EnergyCzar helps to reduce power consumption in data centers, where it is estimated that over 75 per cent of servers are used only to support peak volumes. EnergyCzar monitors incoming requests, analyzes server capacity and adjusts usage accordingly, powering on only enough servers to address current needs. The system also includes reporting tools to help with administration.

2009 Competitor Bet Smart Media launches