In advance of their attendance at the NAB Show next week in Las Vegas, 2008 Top 10 Finalist Singular Software Inc. has released PluralEyes – a new product that automatically synchronizes audio and video clips without the need for timecode.

Targeted at the independent video professional, PluralEyes drastically simplifies multi-camera productions, both during filming and in post-production.

PluralEyes determines synchronization information from audio that is already present in the recorded material. During the shoot, there is no need to connect cameras and audio recorders or take any other special steps to prepare. And when shooting is done, the creative editing process can get started right away without the time-consuming step of matching clips manually. This removes the biggest bottlenecks in both production and post-production.

The first version of PluralEyes works with Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing software and is priced at $149 USD. Trial versions of PluralEyes™ can be downloaded online.

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