I think we’re on our way to a great year as my phone has been ringing off the hook and my email box has been overflowing today!

If I haven’t responded to you yet, feel free to nudge me, but I think/hope I’ve covered all your questions.

Some minor points  to remember:

– If you experience any technical issues, please don’t panic. I’ll be online until past midnight, so feel free to email contact@newventuresbc.com. If we can’t solve the issue right away, we’ll figure out a way to get your submission reviewed. That said, we have experienced very few technical problems so far,  fingers crossed.

– Payment status. NVBC updates your payment status manually. If you don’t see your status updated within a day or so, please let me know. But don’t worry if your payment status isn’t correct by midnight tonight – as long as your forms are in and you pay in the next week, you’re in!

Any other questions, comment or email away.

Good luck to everyone submitting tonight.

Where are they now? Terraprobe