Saltworks Technologies

First prize and sustainability prize winner
Saltworks Technologies Inc. has developed a patent-pending solar process for desalination that offers significant electrical energy savings. The desalination market is estimated to grow by $56 billion over the next seven years and energy efficiency remains its greatest challenge.

Small Energy Group

Second prize winner
Small Energy Group’s Energy Management Software communicates with a large number of building automation and metering systems to collect, archive, analyze and communicate energy information.

The system helps building owners and operators to quickly identify and resolve inefficient energy use, helps occupants learn how their buildings perform and ultimately helps to save money and reduce emissions.

Echoflex Solutions

Third prize winner
Echoflex Solutions has developed products and solutions using wireless, self-powered (no batteries, ever!) switches and sensors. Used in new and retrofit construction these solutions create smart spaces. These easily installed and commissioned products, optimize energy consumption through needs based lighting and space specific temperature control and provide for a very flexible and sustainable future for the building.

Small Energy Group launches Pulse Energy Software