2007 Finalist and 2008 competitor Razor Technology has gained the attention of not only clients, but of the market strategy firm and NVBC presenter Rocket Builders, making their 2008 “Emerging Rockets” list. Their FireTonic platform offers a unique distribution method for mobile content such as ringtones, wallpaper, games, video, songs, and applications.

Distributing content to a phone over the internet or through a cellular provider can be expensive, slow, and cumbersome. FireTonic provides kiosks that transfer content to phones via Bluetooth for free or fee, bypassing high mobile data rates. Their target clients are stores, coffee shops, restaurants, theatres, conventions, and street promotions.

Razor’s direct distribution model has attracted big name clients such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Dairy Queen, in addition to Vancouver game companies like Playful Entertainment, Nerd Corps, and Hothead Games. The platform saw use at this year’s Vancouver International Game Summit and Vancouver International Digital Festival. Razor claims that the amount of content they distributed during these two events would have cost over $40,000 in mobile data charges.

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