Mentors and Jurors

Our Competition provides our startup participants with personalized mentorship and professional feedback from leading industry experts.

Our 100+ volunteers are the core of what make our programs so successful. We are proud of having a one of the deepest rosters of exceptional mentors and judges from the BC tech industry.

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A small sampling of our mentor & jury roster is below.

Mehdi Bahrami

Sales Director, ClearVision Technologies Inc.

Jim Balcom

Mentor/Juror | 5+ Years

Senior Vice President, Operations, Redlen Technologies, Inc.

Tim Bieber

Mentor/Juror | 5+ Years

Founder, Digital Media Executive, Evolved Media.

Norma Biln

Juror | 5+ Years

Chief Executive Officer, Augurex Life Sciences Corp.

Judy Bishop

Mentor | 10+ Years

Executive-in-Residence, Accelerate Okanagan.

Jonathan Bixby

Juror | 5+ Years

Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor and Dad

Joseph Bowes

Executive in Residence | 15+ years

Entrepreneur, senior executive, and advisor – Joseph’s passion and experience has always revolved around early-stage ventures, and includes significant experience in commercialization strategy, corporate development, and financing. In this regard, he has worked with technology companies, as well as resource-based, and B2B (retail sector) ventures. Notable C-Suite roles include: his own several startups and successful exits; a senior executive role in a B2B startup which, in less than two years, grew to over $1M per week in revenues, and; serving as a founding director of a Florida-based specialty finance company, which grew during his involvement to $50M USD in net loans ($312M, 2016).

Skiing, racquet sports, and boating are some of Joseph’s favourite pastimes.

Eric Bukovinsky

Juror |

Principal, Yaletown Venture Partners.

Geoff Catherwood

Juror | 10+ Years

Board Director, Neurio Technology Inc.

Heather Conradi

Investment Manager, Vancity Capital.

Udi Daon

Mentor |

Founder and CEO of Navigate Surgical Technologies Inc. Udi has expertise in global marketing, sales and business development, and software and hardware development. He was a 2nd place winner in the 2012 BCIC-New Ventures Competition.

Gordon Deans

Mentor/Juror | 5+ Years

Chief Technology Office, Aurora Control Technologies.

Jim Derbyshire

Mentor/Juror | 5+ Years

CEO, Invionics Inc.
Mentor In Residence – Former Program Director, Simon Fraser University
Entrepreneur In Residence, VentureLabs

Geoff Fawkes

Mentor/Juror |

Technology Leader, Business Advisor

Alan Foster

Mentor/Juror |

Executive-in-Residence, Wavefront, Kengael Consulting

Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill

CEO Cofounder, myBestHelper
Principal, The Greenhill Group
Public Speaker

Mike Hilton

Juror | 5+ Years

Director, Partner Business Evangelist, Microsoft.

Geoff Hultin

Vice President – Commercial Sales, Urbanfibre (Urban Communications Inc).

Ean Jackson

Executive in Residence | 10+ years

Ean “Action” Jackson has invested the past 25 years of his professional career in management, technical and business development roles in the technology industry. He has been employed by businesses across North America ranging from startups to major multinational corporations including IBM, Oracle Corporation and Sprint International. When not building business, Ean likes to run trails and climb mountains.

Kevin Jampole

Mentor | 5+ Years

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), AdAmplify Corp.
Member of the Investment Committee, Entrepreneurship@UBC (e@UBC)

Zach Jonasson

General Partner, Phoenix Venture Partners
Founder & CEO, ReForm Biologics

Rizwan Kheraj

Juror | 10+ Years

Industrial Technology Advisor, NRC-IRAP
Entrepreneur, Mentor

Paul Koros

Paul is acknowledged for excellence in leadership and in executive coaching. He has played a key role on the management teams of numerous start-ups, with a focus on fundraising, finance, and culture. A licensed professional engineer, he is currently a candidate for the Chartered Professional Accountant designation. His advisory work centers on due diligence preparation, financial forecasting, and the process of securing investment.

Paul has held roles as CFO, CEO, and finance advisor at startups that have raised several million dollars. He mentored the first place BCIC-New Ventures Competition winner in 2015. His expertise extends from life sciences and mining to disruptive technology, apparel, and software.

Daryl Hatton

Mentor/Juror | 5+ Years

CEO, ConnectionPoint

Sarah Lee

Juror | 5+ Years

Director, Technology Development Office, BC Cancer Agency

Thealzel Lee

Juror | 5+ Years

Founder, Director and President, E-Fund (VANTEC Entrepreneurs Fund VCC Inc)
Board Director, TIMIA Capital Corporation
Co-Manager, VANTEC Angel Network and the Keiretsu Forum Northwest Region-Vancouver Chapter

Ed Levinson

Mentor/Juror | 10+ Years

Executive Director, Open Angel Society
President, Startup Investment Collective (VCC)
President, Analusis Consulting Inc.

Steven Lukas

Mentor | 5+ Years

Associate Counsel and Co-Chair, Business Law Group at Harper Grey LLP
Past President, BC Water Polo Association

Jorge Marques

Juror |

Strategic insight and innovation – BC Hydro

Gurminder Minhas

Juror | 5+ years

Managing Director, Performance BioFilaments
Founder and Principal, Navachar Renewables

Tom Mitchell

Mentor/Juror | 15+ Years

Director and mentor of several startup and early stage companies.

Peter Parrish

Juror | 10+ Years

Executive Consultant, Cambridge Consulting (Canada)
Vice President Operations, Latitude Technologies

Praj Patel

Juror | 5+ Years

Advisor to Chairman, CareerArc.
Co-Founder and Principal Management Consultant, Ineo Growth Strategizers, Inc.

James D Pratt

Juror | 5+ years

Co-Owner and Director, Prosnack Natural Foods Inc
CFO and Director, TIMIA Capital Corp. (formerly GreenAngel Energy)

Aaron Rallo

Juror | 5+ Years

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, TSO Logic Inc.

Havind Sehmi

Mentor/Juror | 10+ Years

Co-Founder and President, any.TV
President and CEO, Sehmi Consultants Ltd
Board Member, Internet Shakespeare Editions

Julien Sellgren

Mentor/Juror | 10+ Years

Technology Entrepreneur

Cynthia Shippam-Brett

Juror | 5+ Years

Manager of Intellectual Property, Avigilon.
Adjunct Professor, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University.

David Shore

Juror | 10+ Years

Director, President and CFO, Inc.

Scott Stanners

Mentor/Juror | 5+ Years

Principal, SysEne Consulting Inc.
Vice-President, Business Development and Technical Services, Aeon Energy Solutions, Inc.
Director of Business Development, Technology and Innovation, BC Bioenergy Network.

Peter van Bodegom

Mentor/Juror | 10+ Years

President, PvB Management

James G. Wells

Mentor/Juror | 10+ Years

Director of Investments & Venture Creation, Evok Innovations

Bob Harper

Mentor | 10+ Years

Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary, Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc.

Rob Attwell

Mentor | 5+ Years

Co-Founder and COO,

Craig Thomson

Mentor | 5+ Years

Managing Director – North America, Bambora

Andrew Buckley

Mentor/Juror |

Chief Revenue Officer, Traction on Demand

Natalia Mainprize

Director and co-founder, Venture Intelligence Institute

Ashish Anand

Partner, Moksha Ventures Inc.
Founding Partner, Chasm

John Carter

Juror |

Co-founder, Vonigo

David Dunnison

Mentor | 10+ Years

David Dunnison’s experience is drawn primarily from the cleantech, semiconductor and software industries. He was President and CEO of mesh-networking pioneer Accuzone, and the Founding President and CEO of Protexis, a leader in software licensing and digital rights management. In fuel cells, David launched Ballard’s $400m distributed generation business leveraging $25m of investment. At 6N Silicon, David negotiated and secured contracts and commitments with industry leaders totalling into the billions of dollars.

Andrew Csinger

Juror | 10+ Years

President, Interspect

Andrew Mosawi

President, iATS Payments

Kate Dilworth

Juror | 10+ Years

Director – Learning Design, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University

Bill Archer

Mentor | 5+ Years

VP Enterprise Solutions, Wavefront

Angela Robert

Juror |

Co-Founder and CEO, Conquer Mobile

Brady Fletcher

Managing Director, Sea to Sky Equities

Byron Thom

Venture Capitalist, BDC Capital

Jeff LaPorte

Principal, Element Tech

Lauren Kulokas

Senior Program Manager, Product Care Association

Peter de Verteuil

Vice President, Business Development & Strategy, SAP Database & Technology

Sarah Applebaum

Associate, Pangaea Ventures

Sharon Barnes

Product Manager, Trapeze Group

Todd Carter

President, Capital Ridge

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