Looking to refine your market or gain traction? We can help. Get support from seasoned mentors, insights from peer learning and education in essential startup principles to move your early-stage venture forward.

Find your market to gain more customers

We’ve helped over 60+ ventures save time and money through our programs’ customer discovery process. Whether you’re pre-revenue or are looking to gain more traction, we’ll work with you to find your product market fit and create a viable business model.

Options for every schedule and budget

Since our Venture Acceleration Programs focus on early-stage ventures, we understand that many participants hold day jobs. We’ve created flexible options with that in mind—even if you have a 9-5, you can still keep working on your startup.

From free online training to a comprehensive, in-person cohort, there’s a program to suit your schedule and budget.

Self-guided online Distance program Comprehensive program
Free, online education modules that cover essential startup principles. Open to tech entrepreneurs in BC. Join at any time. Learn essential startup principles, complete customer discovery work and connect with an Executive in Residence (EiR) online. This cohort-based, 3-month program includes additional group meetings with our EiR network. Reap the benefits of peer learning and face-to-face mentorship.

Don’t have an accelerator in your region? We’ve got you covered.

On-going mentoring (Regional BC)

  • Mentorship option for Regional-based, BC companies who don’t have access to a local accelerator.

Compare program details

Compare program prices and benefits to find your fit:

Self-guided online Distance Comprehensive
Online Training Course
Dedicated Executive in Residence 1 free session*
Additional Mentors
Group Meetings
Program Cost Free $150/mo $200/mo
Program Duration Until completion 3 months 3 months
 *Upon completion of specified worksheets. Sign up for details.

Program outcomes: what you take away

In our comprehensive and distance options, you’ll

  • Prove your customers’ needs and markets
  • Develop a six-month business plan
  • Participate in weekly coaching sessions with our Executives in Residence (EiRs)
  • Gain potential readiness to join a next-stage accelerator program

By completing customer discovery work and finding product-market fit you’ll be taking the first, essential steps in your startup journey towards becoming an investable company.

After the program, we don’t just say goodbye—we keep in touch and are available for on-going support. In addition, over the past three years, Venture Acceleration Program participants have been introduced to potential partners, customers, and investors.

Program FAQs

Head to our blog for some frequently asked questions about the program.


New Ventures BC is part of the BCAN network. This Venture Acceleration Program is sponsored by the BC Innovation Council.

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