Sensible Building solution is a unique IoT solution that connects people to buildings. It makes building controls smarter by basing ventilation and heating decisions on the exact location of people, which saves energy, increases ventilation, and makes occupants more comfortable.

The venture started in Sept. 2014, when Co-Founder Stefan Storey was completing his PhD, researching solutions for improving indoor comfort for occupants. Since buildings don’t know where people are located, their heating, cooling and ventilation control systems can not intelligently optimized for efficiency.

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Stefan’s solution works by using Wi-Fi activity levels to automatically locate where people are gathered in rooms. When in operation, the solution uses this occupant data to adjust ventilation, heating, and cooling, to keep people comfortable no matter where they are located. In turn, buildings save energy by switching air conditioning off when rooms are vacant.

Implementation is easy, as no expensive hardware or sensors are required—customers simply install software that re-uses existing anonymous data from a building’s Wi-fi system. This reduces capital expenditure on new buildings and reduces retrofit costs for older buildings.


Cost effective solution focused on a triple bottom line

Sensible Building Science helps building managers, operators and owners to attain the triple bottom line of sustainability (environment, people and money). The solution reduces energy and greenhouse gas emissions, while improving comfort for building occupants and saving on utility bills.

Sensible Building Science team

Sensible Building Science is co-founded by Stefan Storey and James Montgomery, with Daniel Almeida recently joining the team.

Stefan_StoreyStefan Storey holds a Ph.D in Resource Management at the University of British Columbia, a MASc in Mechanical Engineering and a BASc in Engineering Physics. Stefan has a background in sustainability innovations, including energy performance verification & measurement and methods for modeling indoor environmental air quality.


James_MontgomeryJames Montgomery holds a Ph.D in mechanical engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC). James contributes significant building science expertise to Sensible Building Science



Daniel_AlmeidaDaniel Almeida is currently pursuing a M.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. Daniel is the lead technologist at Sensible Building Science, providing software development expertise, network management and data visualizations.



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Sensible Building Science is located in Vancouver, BC


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