BCIC-New Ventures is pleased to announce the top 20 finalists in its newly launched BCIC-New Ventures Competition: Regional for early-stage BC technology entrepreneurs based outside the Lower Mainland.

Similar to the province-wide competition that celebrated its 10th anniversary in September, the four-month, three-round regional competition includes a unique mix of business education, networking and mentoring. This year’s regional competition attracted more than 40 applications from technology startups across our province.

The top 20 finalists include businesses in the life sciences, cleantech, sustainability, new media and high technology sectors.

They are:

  1. A22 Rent-A-Bike
  2. AC Global Systems Ltd (@ACGlobalSystems)
  3. EcoMeter by EnviroSpeak Media (@EnviroSpeak)
  4. Find It EZ
  5. HuStream Technologies Inc. (@HuStream)
  6. Hydra Cat Performance System
  7. JuliasWild.com
  8. KoK Technologies Inc
  9. Map Jungle
  10. MemoryLeaf Media Inc
  11. Rapid Water Testing Ltd
  12. Reef Safe Fish Inc.
  13. Resonessence Labs
  14. Ripcharger
  15. SchedulePanda.com
  16. SideStix Ventures Inc. (@SideStix)
  17. Smile software (Smart Menu)
  18. TRiBiNET
  19. Vida
  20. Wolf Trailer Company, Inc

The top 20 companies will now be paired with a team of mentors and will attend a final business education seminar in January. Each company will have one more chance to present to a panel of experts from February 9-11 in Victoria and Kelowna where they will convince a jury of venture capitalists, financiers and angel investors of the commercial viability of their business idea and that they have what it takes to succeed in the marketplace.

BCIC is the title sponsor of the 2010 BCIC-New Ventures Competition: Regional and proud to support the competition’s top three prize packages for a total of $60,000. They include the $30,000 BCIC First Prize, $20,000 BCIC Second Prize and $10,000 BCIC Third Prize.  This contribution is part of BCIC’s overall commitment of $390,000 as title sponsor of both the regional and larger provincial technology idea competition advancing BC’s emerging technology industry.

The winners of the 2010 BCIC-New Ventures Competition: Regional will be announced February 24, 2011 at a special reception.

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