Intro to Exit Strategy

Brent Holliday: 2015 Seminar Series

Brent Holliday, Head of the Technology Practice, Capital West Partners, and BC Business magazine columnist, explains an essential part of every startup’s strategy—the exit. Slides from Brent’s presentation can be…

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Setting up a Sales Program

Kirk Hamilton: 2015 Seminar Series

Kirk Hamilton from Elan Tactical Management discusses how to set up a sales program for your startup. Slides from Kirk’s presentation can be found here.

The Business Model Canvas

Peter Payne: 2015 Seminar Series

Peter Payne of UBC and BCTIA, discusses what it takes to write a successful Business Model Canvas. Slides from Peter’s presentation can be found here.

The Business Case

Mike Volker: 2015 Seminar Series

Looking to secure angel investment? Learn about the importance of making a business case and what angels are looking for with enterprenuer and past Angel Investor of the Year, Mike…

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Product/Market Fit

Dave Thomas: 2015 Seminar Series

This year’s second seminar Product/Market Fit took place on March 18th with Rocket Builders’ Dave Thomas presenting. For those who missed the presentation, a video and link to Dave’s slides are…

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