Since we launched our Venture Acceleration Programs in 2015, we’ve helped over 40 entrepreneurs move their businesses forward. Learn more about the ventures who have participated in our programs.

Fall 2016 – 2017 cohort

ArmaSense Wireless Solutions

Armasense offers simple, innovative and easy to implement wireless solutions for automated control systems. The founders believe that technology solutions should be as simple and easy to implement as possible. The focus of the company is on RFID systems powered with IoT sensors for tracking sensitive objects and inventory management.

Capiche Capital Technologies Corporation

Using Capiche, the issuer has full confidence that the private placement is effected in full compliance with securities laws and more of the monies raised are available for furthering corporate objectives. Recent changes in Canadian securities laws have expanded the circumstances in which the average investor can participate in such financings and Capiche facilitates participation by this much larger pool of investors.

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Distill Analytics

Distill Analytics builds data-driven Cognitive Profiles of people and teams. Cognitive Profiling reveals patterns of thought and information use, of motivation, of what someone values, of how they cope with adversity. From this data Distill forecasts how anyone, from business executives, political leaders, to terror group founders, and astronauts in space, will act.



Mixalator is a “follow” button for the internet. It’s a cloud-based service that makes it dead simple to follow any website or webpage on the internet, without the hassle of managing a cumbersome bookmark list. Whenever you feel like browsing, you just click the big “Mixalate!” button, and one of your saved links is randomly displayed.

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RAFT Technologies Inc.

RAFT will help people stay in contact with family, friends and neighbours, to meet new neighbours that they don’t already know, to discover what is going on in their community and share and express what matters to them, thereby helping to make a more open, connected and healthy community by encouraging dialogue. is a mobile Internet sales, marketing and payment platform. In the same way consumers purchase tickets for music, sports and other events online – provides a ticket service so consumers can Click to buy local products and services online and then use a mobile or printed ticket to redeem their purchases at retail stores, or receive delivery to their home or office.

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Summer 2016 cohort

Cascadium Systems

Cascadium Systems will provide IoT infrastructure and applications for vertically integrated industry segments.

Elastic IT Solutions Inc.

Elastic IT is designed for Enterprise clients that cannot move their IT infrastructure to the cloud due to compliance regulations. Their product, ElasticHQ, enables the ability to do either single or mass provisioning of virtualized servers using a Self-Service Web Portal, in minutes rather than days.


Fuud aims to provide a weekly pre-portioned, but not pre-cooked, meal households across Canada via subscription and delivery services, with a focus on local, conscientiously produced food. will also establish a marketplace much like Etsy that directly connects local producers to customers.

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Viemère is an online clothing retailer for pregnant professional  women.  They help frustrated moms-to-be find clothing that make them look & feel beautiful.  Using a combination of curation and shoppable how-to-wear guides, Viemère is making maternity shopping fun and delightful.

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WalletCard lets you manage anything that expires. WalletCard’s Certification Management Platform provides Companies and Training Providers a cloud database solution for easily organizing Employee certifications and workplace documentation. Replace antiquated paper-based certificates with a risk management tool that provides timely notifications through the issuance of digital trackable workplace certificates.

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Fall 2015 – 2016 Cohort


ABI Designs

ABI Designs is a safety product manufacturer focused on fire safety devices for commercial and residential buildings. Initial products will deliver emergency lighting and egress devices to augment / enhance current safety devices in the global marketplace – called the “RightLight”.


Copypants helps you to take control of how your copyrighted images are used online. Its minions scour the internet to help you get credit, licensing fees, and send takedown notices – handling the legal and communication work for you.

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Fresh Press

With plant-based diets on the rise, the demand for almond and other nut milks is growing. Fresh Press is a kitchen gadget, and accompanying recipe blog, that allows people to make homemade nut, seed, and grain milk more easily and with less mess than is offered by current options.

Insight Driving Solutions

Insight Driving Solutions provides driver medical screening and assessments that are evidence-based, confidential, and function-focused. Its services help individuals, families, healthcare providers, and employers manage driving risk.

ISSI-Tec Manufacturing

ISSI-Tec Manufacturing provides a unified parking payment, access control system and platform. Its technology introduces the concept of local (peer-to-peer) storage and exchange of multiple digital items, including digital keys and secondary authentication factors. Its Pi3-Wallet provides security for mobile parking payments, eliminating physical interaction with machines, tickets, credit cards or currency.



Learnquiq is a mobile video-sharing and social tutoring platform. It connects tutors and learners through video tutorials, discussions and questions through shared text and uploaded videos on their smartphones.


MediNovel is developing Quickie Prep™, a proprietary antiseptic applicator used for disinfecting patient skin at surgery. It makes disinfecting skin reliable, fast, and easy while promoting aseptic technique.



Pick-See is a mobile and web-based application for data reporting, photo capture and management. It runs on an open source platform, and is ‘device agnostic’ – it runs on any operating system, on any web browser or on any mobile data device.

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Torus Biomedical Solutions

Torus Biomedical Solutions offers an add-on tracking system mountable to any conventional 2D fluoroscopy system, for spine deformity correction centres to be able to accurately assess in three-dimensions the alignment of large operative anatomies, while saving the OR time and reducing radiation exposure to the surgical staff.

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