Have an early-stage, post-launch startup and are looking to raise capital? Learn the basics of fundraising with the NVBC + Spring Virtual Funding Workshop.

Finding the right investors and securing finances can be challenging, time-consuming, and complicated. In this self-paced, interactive course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of fundraising wherever you are, on your own time.

Need more? Get mentorship to help put your plan into action. This course is a great complement to our Distance Venture Acceleration Program or mentorship sessions from Spring.

What you’ll learn in the Virtual Funding Workshop:

  • The investing landscape
  • Different ways to raise capital
  • Fundraising processes
  • Corporate governance (advisors, board of directors)
  • Best practices for your business type
  • Delivering your best pitch
  • Negotiation skills
  • Closing the deal

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About Spring and NVBC

Spring’s in-person funding workshop has helped companies to raise over $9 million in early-stage equity, grants, and loans to grow their businesses. At New Ventures BC, we’ve helped over 2172 startups create 3700 jobs and raise $300 million in financing, through our annual venture competition.