The construction industry is experiencing a state of change and moving towards innovative designs and approaches to enhance energy efficiency. There are a number of emerging crucial issues on the way buildings are built and maintained; construction companies are responding to the issues with focus and attention.

The influx of new technologies, the rafts of new regulations, the sustainability agenda, the rising costs of raw materials and an aging workforce are just some of the challenges which lie just around the corner.

A solid indication is that the construction industry is showing an increasing receptiveness to new technology. So, as an entrepreneur providing solutions to the building industry, where are those opportunities and what does one need to know to get product into the market?  For a designer or builder, how does one get to grips with innovation? What are the trends to be aware of and how to best prepare?

The December GTEx Forum on December 17th will discuss some of these questions, provide an overview of some of the success stories emerging in “green buildings” and offer an entertaining tour of some of the real and radical.

The GTEx Forum takes place at Harbour Centre, Simon Fraser University. Networking begins at 5:00pm with the presentation at 6:00pm. Register online to attend.

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