Interested in developing green products and deploying cleantech solutions? Carbon financing may help.

On Wednesday, January 30th the GreenTech Exchange returns to Vancouver with Carbon Finance in the Green Economy: Opportunities for BC Organizations.

Carbon financing enables green technology projects to proceed and allows organizations to meet carbon reduction commitments. The voluntary market is a useful source of finance for companies generating offsets. Higher prices can be found in compliance markets due to established demand and the inherent quality represented in a valid compliance offset.

In BC the first phase of a developing carbon market is complete. This has been a valuable experience to all involved and there are success stories and challenges. Now, new insights and questions arise for the market. How can this market grow? Where are the new sources of demand? What is a suitable structure to continue to incentivise change and still continue to reward those that have already started?

GreenTech Exchange and Net Impact are pleased to present an expert panel on Carbon Finance. Joseph Pallant from the Pacific Carbon Trust will help to explain the offsets market infrastructure and routes for using carbon finance to develop projects. Neil Thomson from ISIS will discuss the current state of compliance markets beyond BC in potential export jurisdictions, and what to expect from these markets in the short to medium term. Phil Cull from Offsetters will talk about the developing carbon economy and the challenges of carbon offset generation.

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