Saltworks Technology’s Benjamin Sparrow was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal on August 4th. Saltworks was the winner of the 2008 BCIC-New Ventures Competiton.

The medal honours citizens and permanent residents of Canada who have made a significant contribution to their fellow countrymen, their community, or to Canada over the previous sixty years.

The award ceremonies cited the “importance of Saltworks’ work and significant innovations to Canada and its environment.”

“This medal belongs to and was earned by the entire Saltworks’ team. They work incredibly hard to innovate and improve desalination technologies, particularly for use in treating highly impaired waters. It is a true honor to have our work recognized for its significance to Canadians and the environment,” said Sparrow.

Saltworks continues to innovate sustainable and economic desalination technologies particularly suited for industrial water treatment, such as saline produced water from oil & gas or mine tailings runoff. Saltworks has a series of confidential contracts with major oil and mining firms, all seeking to improve the economic and environmental efficiency of their operations.

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