2012 BCIC-New Ventures BC Top 40 competitor Squeezease Therapy specializes in wearable Deep Pressure Therapy devices for children with sensory and anxiety disorders such as autism and ADHD. Applying pressure to the body has a relaxing effect as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce adrenalin and cortisol, indicators of stress.

According to autism advocate Temple Grandin, applying pressure to the body can desensitize those that are oversensitive to touch and, eventually over time, the individual can tolerate touch, such as clothing against his/her skin.

Starting in June, Squeezease Therapy began conducting beta trials to gather feedback in several family’s homes and therapy centres worldwide to gather feedback on their first device called the Snug Vest.

Just two weeks into trials, parents claimed the Snug Vest reduced their child’s anxiety and prevented tantrums from occurring. One child with autism had zero extreme meltdowns and tantrums, and has even learned to control his pressure vest to help him relax and focus on his daily tasks. Previously tantrums occurred 1-2 times a week.

Currently Squeezease Therapy is conducting a crowdfunding campaign on Indigo to help raise funds for production.

Please check out their campaign here.  Every amount can add up to make a big difference so donate towards a good cause and donating just $10 will award you with an adorable de-stress teddy bear.